Open Pottery Workshop

Children’s Classes

It concerns children of the 3rd CLASS OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL to the 3rd CLASS OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL (GYMNASIUM). The children attend a two-hour class once a week. It is an expressive way of understanding the volume and plastic properties of matter with infinite applications across the whole spectrum of children’s imagination. The tuition fee is €20 per month.

Adult Classes

Participants are 18 years old and over. They attend a two-and-a-half-hour class twice a week, totaling five hours, mostly in the afternoons. They have the opportunity to expressively experiment with clay and at the same time to enrich their knowledge and experiences on a theoretical and technical level. This is achieved by learning the morphology of the clay, the construction techniques (wheel, molds), the decoration and the baking techniques.

On a theoretical level, students learn the history of ceramic art, the chemistry and technology of ceramic materials (raw materials and enamel). It is a three-year course, and the tuition fee is €42 per month.