The group exhibition entitled “Weaving the Future Part II”, which will be held at the Municipal Gallery of Larissa-Museum G.Ι. Katsigras from June 24 to October 31 2021, focuses on female nature and creativity. 29 women artists participate with different means of expression: painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video and performance. Starting from local customs and traditions they transform these methods, including embroidery, loom, knitting and sewing, wool, canvas, yarn and fabrics , in a new way into works of contemporary art.

The curator of the exhibition notes: “My own meeting with the internationally renowned American artist Janine Antoni, in January 1996, was the starting point of this exhibition, since I lived for 3 whole months, next to her, every day, in the exhibition space ‘Nikos Kessanlis’ at the School of Fine Arts. She was weaving the blanket of her dreams, since at night she was connected to a device for mapping the electrical activity of the brain, which recorded her dreams and in the morning she weaved the blanket with which she covered herself on her own postmodern loom. Then, I promised myself that at some point I would organize an exhibition with and by women using traditional methods and materials.

I realized the important social, political, and economic role that women played throughout history through their work at home, but also in the development of the family; societally, a role recognized only recently. The idea matured over time and through the research and elaboration on the work of artists in the international and Greek art scene, in 2019, the first part of ‘Weaving the Future’ started in Athens with great success. It continues as a work in progress and research workshop as new works and artists are added, contributing to a new dialogue with the space and the spectators.

The next, important, and second location for the exhibition is the Municipal Gallery of Larissa – Museum G.I. Katsigra, with artists who complete the visual puzzle and include the local element. In this very different and original exhibition 29 female artists participate, with their works coexisting harmoniously with each other and the space, initiating a new interesting dialogue with the viewer. ”

The artists participating in the exhibition are: Artemis Alkalay, Ada Anastasea, Vicky Vassileiou, Penny Geka, Martha Dimitropoulos, Betty Zerva, Mary Zygouri, Aikaterini Kanakaki, Marigo Kassi, Maria-Marika Koenig, Beskida Kraja, Evdokia Kyrkou, Evi Kirmakidou, Maria Lagou, Maro Michalakakos, Evangelia Basdekis, Vicky Betsou, Ioanna Myrka, Margarita Petrova, Spyridoula Politi, Artemis Potamianou, Katerina Rimpatsiou, Ifigenia Sdoukou, Fani Sofologi, Eleftheria Stoikou, Theodora Tsiatsiou, Efi Fouriki, Dimitra Chanioti, Thalia Chioti, Penelope’s Web.

* On the opening night, there will be a performance by Kajar Beskida, one of the four artists representing Penelope’s Web team, which was founded by Petrova Margarita, while the team also includes Evangelia Basdekis and Dimitra Chanioti.

Curator: Efi Michalarou, Art Critic & Exhibition Curator, Member of the Association of Greek Art Critics of AICA Hellas.

EXHIBITION DURATION: 26/6/2021 UNTIL 31/10/2021

free entrance


Larissa Municipal Gallery-G.I. Museum Katsigra

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